Frequently Asked Questions

Are your items clean?

COVID-19 cleaning protocol update:

In addition to steaming all non-wood items at 220 degrees (which has always been our standard protocol) and using Lysol antibacterial spray as listed below, A Baby’s Best Friend is also now using Clorox (non-bleach) disinfectant wipes on ALL ITEMS, and we are now including additional Clorox wipe(s) for each item delivered so you will be able to also wipe down the equipment upon receipt.  This ensures complete peace of mind when renting our equipment.  Cleanliness has always been a priority for A Baby’s Best Friend and we are making it even more of a priority now due to COVID-19.  


A BABY’S BEST FRIEND uses high-volume low-pressure 220+ degree STEAM to SANITIZE EQUIPMENT between uses. This insures the cleanest, safest most sterilized items for you and your child/children. This dedication to detail is one of the MANY reasons why A BABY’S BEST FRIEND has been the Orlando Resort Area LEADER in Equipment Rental Service since 1998!


Between each use and prior to delivery to your, all non-wood items are STEAM-cleaned and sanitized with antibacterial disinfectant.  All wooden cribs are cleaned with Lysol antibacterial cleaner and then wiped down with Clorox wipes just prior to delivery.
All removable cloth materials (crib bedding, swing and bouncer covers, etc.) are laundered in HOT water.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made as far in advance as you wish. Availability of equipment is confirmed when a reservation is made. Your credit card is charged when you place the order and you have up to 10 days to cancel to receive a full refund but must e-mail AND call our office at 407-891-2241 to confirm cancellation. ORDERS CANCELLED LESS THAN 10 DAYS INCLUDING ARRIVAL/DELIVERY DATE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. If your travel plans change at any time, we will reschedule delivery to your new travel dates at no additional charge as long as the items are still available for this time period.

Are your cribs really full size like I have at home? And are your mattresses really 6'' ?

Yes, the cribs offered by A Baby’s Best Friend are 30″ x 54″, which is exactly the size of your home crib. It is delivered to you folded and requires no assembly to use; simply unhook the Velcro strap, open, lower the support board and that’s it. Five seconds, tops.


The mattress we provide for you is a full 6″, inner-spring mattress that fits correctly to the sides of the crib for your baby’s safety and comfort.


Our full cribs are Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association CERTIFIED, and meet all Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements of ASTM F-1169 and F-966.

Can a delivery be made to our hotel prior to and retrieved after our departure?

Yes, if you are staying at any resort/vacation villa other than the Disney resorts listed in the ALL Disney resort(s) guests tab on the home page, all items will be delivered to your resort’s bell services luggage storage room, vacation home or private residence no later than 5 p.m.


Additionally, all items are tagged with A Baby’s Best Friend delivery tags bearing your name and resort name/rental home/residence address you specify. Printed on the reverse side of the delivery tag is a reminder for you to return the items to the luggage room upon your departure.

We will be staying at a private villa/residence. Can you deliver the items prior to my arrival and retrieve them after my departure?

Yes. We would either deliver the items to the front porch or rear covered area and you will place the items back outside even if you find the items inside the villa when you arrive.

Are there a minimum number of days I need to rent equipment?

No, you may rent for one or two nights if you need. However, due to our Free Delivery (within a 20 minute radius of Walt Disney World), there is a two night minimum rental rate and a $70 minimum order requirement (before sales tax). If your order does not reach the $70 minimum order requirement, you will still be able to place an order but there will be an additional amount added to equal $70 total (before sales tax).

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged when you place the order and you have up to 10 days to cancel to receive a full refund but must e-mail AND call our office at 407-891-2241 to confirm cancellation. ORDERS CANCELLED LESS THAN 10 DAYS INCLUDING ARRIVAL/DELIVERY DATE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

We are doing a split-stay (arriving at one hotel, and then departing from a different hotel). Is this O.K.?

If both hotels are in our delivery, we will deliver to your arrival resort and retrieve from your departing resort.


Note: Resorts WILL NOT transfer your rental items for you.


Each order includes one delivery and one retrieval and there is a box on the order form that you can click to add a different retrieval location. If it is not possible for you to transfer your items, you will need to place two reservations with A Baby’s Best Friend. Each order will still have to meet the $70 minimum order requirement.

What is the cancellation policy?

You have up until ten days prior to and including your order delivery date to receive a refund minus a 3.2% fee in order to recoup our merchant charges. If you cancel or alter the order less than 10 days prior to arrival, there will be no partial or full refund given.


We also do not issue refunds if the equipment you ordered (i.e. standard stair gates) are too small for the area they are to be use in or the resort/villa has any of the items you rented from our company in the villa upon your arrival.

Can we be met at the Airport, or can you leave the items at our car rental agency?

Due to heightened security measures at Orlando International Airport, we will not be able to meet you or leave the rental items at the airport or car rental agencies, but can meet you just off of airport property and a predesignated location for delivery and pick up of your rental items if you are staying outside of the Orlando/Walt Disney World area.

Can I pick up the equipment myself?

We offer free delivery of all items to the Walt Disney World Resort area. We do not offer a pick up option.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Click here to review the Terms and Conditions before reserving.

When does the rental period begin?

The rental period is the number of nights between your arrival date and your departure date. All items are available for you when you arrive, (by the standard check-in time of 5 p.m.) and all of the items must be ready for retrieval by A Baby’s Best Friend by 10:00 a.m. on the date of departure.

Do I need to be present when the crib is delivered?

No. If you are staying in a hotel/resort other than the Walt Disney World resorts listed in the ALL Walt Disney World resort(s) guests tab on our homepage, the crib, mattress and bedding (if you choose the bedding option) will be delivered to the luggage room. The mattress and bedding are in separate protective wraps. The crib is fully assembled, opens and is ready to use in seconds. On your last day, return all items to the luggage room, where we retrieve it. Very easy.


If you have rented a home, the crib and any additional items you rent will be delivered before you arrive as well, usually to the covered patio area at the rear of the home.

Do you have other locations in the United States?

No. A Baby’s Best Friend is a corporation located in Orlando, Florida, and concentrates attention for your vacation in the Orlando Resort Vacation Capital of the World area only.

Is there a minimum reservation amount?

Yes, the minimum reservation amount is $70 before sales tax.

We are not traveling with children. May we still order from you?

Yes, certainly, but you will also need to meet the minimum order requirement. If you order does not reach this amount, the difference will be added to reach the $70 minimum order requirement (before sales tax).

Do you put our family name on the stroller?

No, we do not. However, the stroller is labeled with discreet identifiers for A Baby’s Best Friend, and we encourage you to decorate with ribbons or other non-harmful items to help identify our stroller as yours.

Do you deliver to the Loews Orlando Universal resorts

We can deliver to the Loews Orlando Universal resorts, but you will need to contact the bell services supervisor of your specific resort to confirm that they will accept the equipment into their luggage rooms without your present.

Is there an additional delivery fee?

A Baby’s Best Friend offers FREE delivery to and retrieval from all hotels/resorts/rental homes/residences within a 20 minute radius of Walt Disney World. If you are unsure as to whether your resort, etc., is within this area, please fill out the contact us form with the address of the location where you will be staying and we would be happy to let you know. If there is an additional delivery charge, it will be added once the order is received.