Baby Equipment Rentals



  • For infants 4 months to walking age (30″ maximum height).
  • Helps baby achieve 10 developmental milestones – gross motor skills, fine motor skills, object exploration, cause / effect learning, self-awareness, tactile development, visual development, object permanence, hand-eye coordination, and musical development.
  • Innovative design makes portability and storage easy.
  • 9 age-appropriate toys, 15 songs with lights.
  • Rock, spin or bounce to develop baby’s back and leg muscles and improve motor skills.
  • Landscaped tray surrounds child and brings toys closer to baby.
  • 3-position height adjustment.
  • 3 flip-down feet for stationary position provides additional stability for younger children.
  • Removable, washable pad is easy to clean.
Online reservations can not be made less than 24 hours before your arrival. However, we may still be able to help you reserve equipment. Please call 407-891-2241 to speak to a representative in order to check availability.