Terms & Conditions

(A) Disney Resort Guests: A representative of A Baby’s Best Friend will personally meet with you at a convenient time upon your arrival and departure to deliver and retrieve your rented items. You will receive a text message on the morning of your arrival with easy instructions. This applies to the following list of Disney resorts (VIEW RESORTS). DELAYS OF ANY REASON resulting in check in after 6 p.m. will necessitate additional charges or delivery rescheduled to the following morning.


For all other Hotels, Resorts, Rental Homes and Private Residences:
Delivery prior to your arrival is no later than 6:00 P.M. on the indicated date of arrival. If advised by my Resort that the items are unable to be located, or I am unable to locate the items at my rental home, it is my responsibility to telephone (NOT e-mail) A Baby’s Best Friend immediately (YES, EVEN AFTER HOURS) to ascertain the placement location, (leave a voice message if prompted). I will not receive a refund or credit for unclaimed or unused items.


The items rented must be returned for retrieval by 10:00 A.M. on the departure date stated on the reservation:

(B) All Other Hotels/Resorts: It is my responsibility (not that of resort Bell Services, Concierge, Maintenance, or Front Desk personnel) to retrieve and return all rented items from and to the Resort Luggage Storage. DO NOT LEAVE THE ITEMS IN YOUR ROOM UPON DEPARTURE OR THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

(C) Rental Property or Private Residence: It is my responsibility to return the items to the EXTERIOR of the rental property (under cover if possible, making sure the screen door, if applicable is unlocked for removal) even if I find them inside the rental property when I arrive. DO NOT LEAVE THE ITEMS INSIDE THE RENTAL PROPERTY.


Items not returned to the stated location will result in an additional charge to my credit card of up to $75.00 per item. If a return trip is required to retrieve the items, a charge of $50.00 may be assessed. If rented items are never located, replacement value will be charged (UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED STROLLER INSURANCE).


Items returned requiring excessive cleaning or are damaged will incur additional fees charged to my credit card (UNLESS YOU HAVE PURCHASED STROLLER INSURANCE). Examples of, but not limited to, include drinks, vomit, chewing gum, stickers, food, crayon marks, etc. We expect the items to be returned with the same care and respect in which they were delivered to you.


The Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express used to secure this reservation WILL BE CHARGED UPON SUBMISSION OF ORDER. Cancellations, modifications, and/or substitutions in whole or part must be completed ten business days prior to arrival to avoid full charge for the equipment reserved. Regarding this, my arrival date is not counted as a business day. I also understand that if I have to cancel my reservation more than 10 days prior to arrival for any reason including but not limited to COVID-19 quarantines/theme park closures, etc., OR place an order for delivery to a location outside of the Orlando/Walt Disney World area and don’t confirm in advance through the Contact Us page that A Baby’s Best Friend delivers to this area, A Baby’s Best Friend will issue a full refund MINUS 3.6% in order to recoup their merchant fees.  A Baby’s Best Friend can also hold the order for future travel with no expiration date at no additional charge if I prefer.   I understand if my reservation is within 10 business days prior to my arrival, my credit card is charged immediately and the reservation cannot be cancelled but can be modified up to 1 day prior to delivery as long as A Baby’s Best Friend has the alternate items available but there will be no refunds issued.


ANY AND ALL DAMAGES TO THE EQUIPMENT RECEIVED SHALL BE REPORTED TO A BABY’S BEST FRIEND IMMEDIATELY. A Baby’s Best Friend agrees to replace damaged equipment with same or similar products as soon as practically possible, dependent upon availability.


Replacement batteries for items are the responsibility of the guest, as each item is delivered with new batteries.


Any future price changes will not affect my reservation.


A BABY’S BEST FRIEND, its owners and/or employees shall not be responsible for improper assembly and/or use of equipment rented or injury.